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 Quality Control Strategy

Qiniso Security actively embraces a Quality Control Strategy. Working with our customers, we have adopted a new approach to the contracting process - an approach that routinely results in quality security personnel, services, success and satisfaction for our customers, our company and our employees.

We recognise the fundamentals of our Quality Strategy as follows:

 Only our clients can declare the level of quality of our product or service.

·      Quality is a culture that treats people as valuable resources, recognising that the best relationships result when all participants come out winners.

·      Continuous improvement is possible only when desired outcomes have been defined and improvements can be measured in an objective manner.

Adequately Trained Guards

Qiniso Security is a Black owned, PSIRA registered security-company, which renders specialist security services to the private and public commercial sectors within the greater Ethekwini Municipal Area.  



Safety has always been a priority for Qiniso Security. We have a comprehensive safety program designed to prevent injury and illness on the job in order to ensure a significant reduction in the frequency of both accidents and health related incidents.

That translates to higher employee morale and better service. We strongly believe that the attention to safety shown by our employees has also made a positive impact on the safety of our clients' personnel and property.


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